Short and Sweet

As of tomorrow I will be 50% of the way through my microwave chapter. It is a quick daily ritual in the Windansea radiation room in La Jolla, watching green lines stretch across the ceiling and walls as I am aligned just right for each zap, guided by the micro-dot tattoos that I now have. I lie very still and count four specific sounds that come from further away, mixed in with other sounds of moving equipment. After the last, the machine rotates away and I am released. Once a week x-rays are included, which become six of the specific sounds. Since September with all the scans and treatments, it seems as if I have received a Chernobyl dosage of radiation.

But I now focus upon the reality that in less than a month, I will be DONE.

At times it is deeply surreal that cancer has happened to me and that I am now up close and personal with the frightening vocabulary of chemo and radiation. But then I only have to look in the mirror to be reminded that oh yeah, it did really happen.

I am still working on hatching hair. Although it did not fall out on my head, chemo affected the regrowth rate with the top now over two inches while lower areas are under an inch. But it’s really starting to kick in and feels like a carpet when I run my hand over it. I subsequently lost eyebrows and my eyelashes are now scarcer and crazily crooked, making mascara application a ridiculous mess. I hope they come back. And so far there has been little collateral damage with radiation.

I am finally closing in on an end to a nightmare that rocked my world.

It has seemed like forever but the impossible is nearing.

It is almost a wrap.

8 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. So looking forward to being with you again during Spanish. Don’t forget to bring your sombrero diente. I will bring mine for sure :)) Also happy that your difficult journey is almost complete. Sending warm thoughts for all you have to look forward to in the very very near future!

  2. What an unexpected journey you were thrust on to. Thank you for being so open in sharing your story with us. We are with you all the way, and the end is in sight! Yes!!!!!!!

  3. seems like a road that has wrapped around the universe several time… Way too long and scarily uncertain. The end is still a surreal concept and I cannot wait!! You have been just wonderful throughout. Much love!!!!!

  4. Such a long road, but the destination is so near! You have learned much more than you wanted to learn and kept a wonderful log which will help others.

  5. Terri,

    I am so impressed with how you handled this terrifying chapter of your life. You met it “head on” and took control. You were strong and powerful. Your forever partner and you were an amazing team. In just few more weeks you both will celebrate and bring this nasty chapter to a close, never to be read again. The next chapters will be filled with joy, family, and love. Sending hugs and love.❤️

  6. So glad to hear you are in the home stretch of this great challenge! Enough already, right!?! We are so proud of you–you have shown true grit!

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